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Besides excellent service, Cappellen & Associates has always given me solid business advice.

They help in keeping employee cost down while providing efficient accounting, payroll and tax services.

La Colombe d'Or Hotel & Restaurant    
Steve Zimmerman / Proprietor     


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the many years of fine service Cappellen & Associates has given to our restaurants, Cabo Grande in Fort Worth and Lucile’s in Fort Worth.

Since 1996, I have found you and your firm knowledgeable about the restaurant business. The financial information provided has been timely and accurate. I have compared your costs to having our own accounting personnel and cannot ever justify changing from your service.

I look forward to our continuing relationship.

Hospitality Concepts, Inc.   
Robert Korman / Vice President, Treasurer    


The staff at Cappellen & Associates is efficient, professional and knowledgeable. I have received excellent counsel regarding various problem areas of my business. I am confident that my financial matters are in good hands, leaving me time to address the multitude of responsibilities of a business owner.

Daily Review Cafe    
Janice Beeson / Owner     


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